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Ken & Paula were both amazing, they made both days so much fun & I learnt so much! I took on so much more information than I thought I would as Ken & Paula presented the information & interacted with us in such a great way they made it so interesting that I was engaged the whole time!

Rebecca – Anaesthesia & PACU Nursing Melbourne 2016

High Dependency & High Acuity

Suggested Topics

Respiratory Problems including Lung Function Testing, Breath Sounds
Can You Trust a Pulse Oximeter?
Oxygen Therapy & Humidification – Getting it Right
Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances
Cardiac Monitoring
Intravenous Solutions and Their Usage
Assessment and Management of the Patient with an Arrhythmia
Interpreting common blood tests: what do they measure & if abnormal, why?
The Management of Acute Pain
Central Lines & Arterial Lines
Distribution of Fluids & Electrolytes in the Body.
Intravenous Fluids & Their Use
The Infected Patient – Recognising the Signs & Symptoms of Sepsis – Early Management Strategies
Respiratory Physical Assessment
Chest X-Ray Interpretation
Blood Gas Interpretation

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