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Ken presents in a knowledgeable, comprehensive & humorous manner. It is not complicated to absorb and therefore more beneficial to learning. Amazingly easy to listen to and I can’t wait for my next course – Love It!!!  Thank you so much. I have found this is a very valuable learning experience and I can’t wait for the information to filter into my practice.

Deborah – Care Of The Deteriorating Patient Brisbane 2016


Suggested Topics

Cardiac Physiology & Electrophysiology
The Normal ECG Waveforms & Lead Orientation to the Myocardium
Rhythms originating in Sino-atrial node & atria
Arrhythmias originating in AV junction & ventricles
Heart Blocks, Bundle Branch & Fascicular Blocks
Arrhythmia assessment
The 12 lead ECG & related Electrophysiology
ECG manifestations of Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS)
Calculating Axis Deviation
Hypertrophy patterns, atrial & ventricular
Drug & electrolyte effects
Cardiovascular Physical Assessment
Cardiac Monitoring & ECG Analysis
Arrhythmia Interpretation & Management. Abnormalities in Rate, Regularity or Conduction. Arrhythmias Originating in the Atria, AV Junction or Ventricles.

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