Tanya Halbert

Tanya Halbert RN, BSc, Emergency Cert, is an Advanced Life Support Instructor & has been working as a CNC in resuscitation & CPR Coordinator for over 10 years. Tanya was a member of the Clinical Emergency Response System Steering Committee at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and as part of this role has presented at national conferences on the impacts of clinical emergency response systems (CERS) on the medical workforce. Tanya has also co-authored a research article on the introduction of a new observation chart and education programme associated with higher rates of vital-sign ascertainment in hospital wards. Tanya was also an instructor of the DETECT programme during her time as a CPR Coordinator at a large tertiary referral hospital. Over the last 8 years she has contributed to the development, implementation and management of Clinical Emergency Response Systems in two major hospitals.

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