Nicola Beyfus

Nicola Beyfus RN, G.Dip Crit Care, BA, Cert iv (Assessment & Training) is currently a clinical teacher at A.C.U., Victoria University and RMIT. She is also a clinical teacher and tutor at Latrobe University. These roles involve tutoring in a range of subjects including Medication Management, Medical and Surgical Nursing, Care of the Child and Family, Health Assessment, Community Nursing and the Fundamentals of Nursing. It also involves Undergraduate Clinical Teaching in a range of major hospitals.

Through Latrobe University, Nicola has taught a three day workshop to Registered and Enrolled Nurses revising health assessment skills. This included topics such as heart sounds, lung sounds and cranial nerve assessment and she presented this program at a variety of locations around Victoria.

Also through Latrobe University, Nicola has been part of writing a module for international nursing students titled: ‘Pain Assessment and Management in Clinical Practice’.

Nicola has worked at a variety of hospitals in Australia and has also worked in rural and international settings. She has held positions including Graduate Nurse Educator and ANUM and continues to work in acute wards to maintain her skills.

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