Dr Vera Meeusen

Dr Vera Meeusen (RN, PhD, FACPAN) is currently a Nurse Unit Manager in a large Brisbane hospital. Her career started in The Netherlands as Nurse Anaesthetist working in anaesthetics, PACU, preoperative screening and postoperative pain team. She was member of the Dutch Society of Nurse Anaesthetists and joined the International Federation of Nurse Anaesthetist as chair of the Practice Committee. She organised several conferences and workshops with the focus on airway management and spinal anaesthesia.

Vera has performed several studies about workload, job satisfaction, the history of nurse anesthetists, and personality profiles of nurse anesthetists. This resulted in her gaining her PhD degree at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Vera was a lecturer at the Fontys University of Applied Science teaching pharmacology, anaesthesia for the geriatric patient, clinical observations and nausea & vomiting. As a clinical researcher she focused on the prevention and prediction of postoperative nausea & vomiting and postoperative pain management. Beside many publications, she also wrote the first manual for nurse anaesthetists in The Netherlands.

Since emigrating to Australia, Vera has continued to work in the perioperative environment and obtained her fellowship of the Australian College of PeriAnaesthesia Nurses (ACPAN). Currently, she is the chair of the Curriculum & Credentialing Council of ACPAN.

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