About Us

Critical Care Education Services is a company dedicated to providing quality continuing education and professional development for health professionals. The company conducts a number of short courses, seminars and conferences each year in many states of Australia. In addition, Critical Care Education Services conducts many programs in house tailored to each institutions specific requirements. This is often included as part of an overall consultancy project.

skill stationThe overall aim of all programs is to enhance the clinical standards of the staff who attend, and as such each and every component is directed at facilitating the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the staff in developing confidence and competence in their practice.

The programs are usually presented in a fashion that interrelates and integrates the learning experience, progressing from fundamental concepts to more advanced concepts. All of the consultants and speakers engaged by the company are recognised as experts and leaders in their field. They are also selected for their ability to present information in an appealing and dynamic manner.

skill stationDetailed and comprehensive lecture outlines with reference lists are provided and each participant receives a quality certificate of attendance. For some programs there is also the opportunity for the participants to undertake a competency based assessment.

For more information on how Critical Care Education Services can assist you, please contact us via our enquiry form, or by calling our team on 1300 898 973.