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Critical Care Nursing

About this Course

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This 10 week short course will present concepts from fundamental to advanced levels relating to Critical Care Nursing. The course has been designed to provide current knowledge & strategies that can be applied to any Critical Care setting.

Each of the speakers are leaders in their chosen fields and have been selected for their knowledge, teaching ability, commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.

The course will interrelate physiology, pathophysiology, nursing & medical assessment & interventions. Topics will include Cardiovascular Pathophysiology, Respiratory Physiology, Monitoring Techniques, Respiratory Disorders, Acute Renal Failure, Neurological Disorders, Resuscitation, & Diabetic Emergencies.

These topics will be presented in a manner that allows continuity throughout the ten weeks, & will promote development of a problem solving approach to patient care.

The sequence of topics for 2017 is available by clicking on the link for the city in which you are attending: Melbourne or Sydney.

This program will also be presented over 4 full days in Melbourne in October 2017. For further information or to register for the 4 day format, please contact our office or follow this link.

With Critical Care Education Services you can book early with confidence. We have never cancelled a course, and many of our programs sell out regularly. Register now to secure your place.

Nurses completing this program earn 30 CPD hours.

  • Course Dates

    • Melbourne: 27th April to 29th June 2017
    • Sydney: 11th May to 13th July 2017
  • Course Program

    Thursday Evenings for 10 Weeks from 6.30 to 9.30 p.m.
    Please note that topic sequence may vary. Topics will include:

    1.Fundamental Cardiac Physiology; Cardiac Muscle Physiology; Innervation of the Myocardium; Adrenergic Receptors; Regulation of Cardiac Output & Blood Pressure.
    2.Cardiovascular Pathophysiology; Assessment & Management of the Patient with Chest Pain; Shock States - Assessment & Management.
    3.Respiratory Physiology; The Control of Ventilation; Dynamics of Spontaneous Breathing; Gas Transport; Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation.
    4.Monitoring Techniques; Haemodynamic Monitoring; Arterial Lines; Central Lines; Pulmonary Artery Catheters, Pulse Oximetry -SpO2. Capnography - EtCO2
    5.Respiratory; Lung Sounds, Chest X-ray Interpretation; Indications & Goals for Mechanical Ventilation; Ventilator Modes; Care of the Mechanically Ventilated Patient.
    6.Respiratory Disorders; Assessment & Management of the Patient with Asthma; Intercostal Catheters & Underwater Sealed Drainage.
    7.Renal; Physiology; Acute Renal Failure - Assessment, Complications & Management.
    8.Neurological Disorders; Neurological Assessment; Care of the Patient with Raised Intracranial Pressure; Brain Death.
    9.Resuscitation; Management of Cardiac Arrest
    10.Endocrine & Metabolic; Hepatic Failure; Diabetic Emergencies.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to attend any session, you can make that session up in future courses at no charge.
  • Course Fees

    Attendance at the 10 week Critical Care Nursing Course is available for $565

    Deposits of $265 are accepted with the balance of $300 to be paid by the first night of the course.

  • Venue Information

    Melbourne: St. Vincent’s Hospital - Mary Aikenhead Conference Centre

    Sydney: Westmead Private Hospital - Conference Room

For More Information

For more information regarding this course and any dates upon which it is scheduled, or to enquire about hosting this course at your organisation, please submit our online enquiry form.